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Flat Roofs

Does your property have a flat roof? Maybe your garage, extension, car port, bay or dormer has a flat roof? Flat roofs have been known to cause numerous and recurring problems for home owners – especially in our climate here in the north west of England. As the rainfalls most flat roofs leak after only a relatively short period of time due to the joints in the felt and sealants…..

However, if you get Approved Roofing (Fully qualified installers) we will ensure your roof doesn’t continue to be a drain on your finances by installing new boards and a single sheet of Firestone RubberCover (with zero waste cutting down on costs)

Area We Cover

area we cover

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Specifically developed for flat roofs

Why should I have a Firestone RubberCover installed?
Protect your property.. Flat roofs often need special attention to ensure they are problem-free and we never hesitate in recommending Firestone RubberCover as a cost-effective solution. The covering is a single piece eliminating any future problems. Felt is used in 1 metre lengths whereas rubbercover is installed in single sheets that will be cut to size (Free measuring service)

  • Fully adhered EPDM roofing system
  • Long life expectancy
  • No maintenance or discolouring
  • Quick to install, causing minimum disruption (when installed by Approved Roofing)
  • Cost-effective, long term protection from the weather (up to 50 years)

Proven Performance

The Firestone RubberCover System is based on EPDM roofing membranes that are made of a synthetic rubber compound. For more than 25 years these covers have been installed on commercial and industrial roofs worldwide and are now available for residential roofing application by Approved Roofing.

If you want more information or have been considering a fibreglass roof and have any questions please give Approved Roofing a call or drop us an email – contact us